This Country Needs Help

A couple of ragheads walk into a building and shoot up a Christmas party, and the liberal media calls them “misunderstood.”

A good, respectable white man burns down a mosque, and it’s a “hate crime.”

This man is not a “hate criminal.” He is a hero for burning down that mosque!  He is a warrior for freedom for trying to root out an occupying force in this country, chosen by God for a great destiny.

Oh Lord, forgive this country for they know not what they do!  Just as God commanded the children of Israel to make war on the Canaanites, the Midianites, the Philistines, and on the other uncivilized tribes that were squatting on the land promised to the twelve tribes, God calls upon us to rid our country of another group of barbarians: the Muslims.

Anyone who tells you that you can tolerate Muslims and be a God-fearing, Bible-believing conservative is not a real conservative.  I’m looking at every presidential candidate with the exception of Donald Trump, the only TRUE American running for office in these troubled times!  He called the Bible his favorite book and you can really see it in his policies!

When Trump is in office (and us militia boys all know he will be our president whether or not he wins the election if you get my drift), we’re going to scour this country clean of Muslims, of Black Lives Matter terrorists, potheads, atheist professors, homosexual pedophiles, and all the other liberal scum littering the landscape, and we’re going to turn America back into a decent place to live!  We’re going to make sure the laws change so we can legally burn down every Mosque, and when we do we’ll barbecue our pork ribs on the burning timbers while singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic!  God bless America!  United We Stand!


A Letter To My “Transgender” Nephew

Recently my nephew Michael decided that he wanted to be a woman.  I am glad to say that he has rededicated his life to Christ and is now undergoing conversion therapy.

This is the letter that convinced him.

Dear Michael (Yes, that is your real name!!!)

I have to tell you something that you won’t want to hear, because the PC police are gonna call me a thought criminal for saying so, but the God’s honest truth is you are not and will never be a real woman.  Period.  I could lie to you like your daddy did and say it’s OK to pretend you’re a woman for the rest of your life but he doesn’t love you like your mama and I do.  He wants you to fail and we want to see you happy and successful.

Michael, you need help.  You have a mental disease that has to be fixed and if your liberal new-age shrinks won’t do it, you need to find a good Bible-Believing doctor who will set you right.  You say you can’t help it but it isn’t God’s way to say “I can’t stop sinning.”  That’s Satan’s way, and it’s the way of this fallen secular world.  You can help it and there are still a few good people in this country who will help you to love yourself as the man God made you.

If you continue this way, you will never have a good job, never have a family, never be welcomed in any decent church or God-fearing community again.  You will be cast out from society because society has no place for sick people who won’t get help, except jails and cemeteries.  And more than likely, you’ll kill yourself like transgendered people usually do.

If all this tough love talk doesn’t get through to you, let me remind you of something else: this country is in the heat of a culture war, and it won’t be long before a few million pissed-off patriots decide it’s time to lock and load and take this country back by force.  Across this country lone patriots and private militias who care about preserving the United States constitution are saving their bullets and girding their loins for battle.  And when the final battle is over, there will only be one truth left standing: God’s truth.  We know this because it was ordained in the word of God that when the forces of God fight the forces of Satan, the forces of God will win.

My question to you is, are you going to be on the side of the patriots, the champions of good morals and old-fashioned family values who will fight and if necessary die for what they believe in?  Or are you going to be on the side of the weak, effeminate, degenerate socialists who try to force us to commit sexual perversion when we round up these traitors and serve up some good old fashioned frontier justice on every last one of them?

I’m not gonna shoot you, Michael, because you’re my own flesh and blood and right or wrong I love you. I can’t promise that some patriot won’t though.  And don’t think you can “pass” because someone will find out.  Transsexuals are easy to spot first of all, and second chances are your name and address will be on someone’s records.  Right now I can go online and find out the names and addresses of anyone I want, so don’t think someone can’t find the names and addresses of every tranny in America when the time comes. 

Right now you’re dicing with death because like it or not, there is a war brewing for the heart and soul of America.  If you go through with this “transgender” nonsense then you might as well be waving an ISIS flag when the revolution comes and your mama and I don’t want to lose you that way.

The choice is up to you.  Will you be a traitor or a patriot?


Uncle Marshall

The Wise Man Builds His House On Sure Foundations

You know, I often find that the Bible is not just sound advice for our spiritual lives, but it’s also loaded with good common sense and if you believe with all your heart, God will use the Word to work miracles in your life.

When I had my house built, I made sure to have it constructed in the highest lot I could find.  I had prayed to God to show me where to build my house.  After I had prayed, I took my Bible, closed my eyes, and found a random verse with my index finger.

The verse I found was Matthew 7:25

“And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the rock.”

Of course, anyone who lives in the Lowcountry knows there ain’t diddly in the way of rocks big enough to build a house on, but I took this advice seriously and I did the next best thing.  I took it as a sign from God and I found the highest, most solid ground I could to build my house on.

What do you know?  I’m high and dry!  It sure beats living in a fume-ridden FEMA trailer.

I feel bad for all these people who lost their homes in the flood, but… maybe they should read their Bible more often.  God lives and He does perform miracles for those who believe!