No Further Questions

According to the anti-American communist crapfest known as the Guardian, opposition to abortion is a religious position and atheists need to fight for the right to kill babies.

Yeah, no kidding.  Opposition to killing babies is a religious position!  It’s no big secret, people!  It’s because we believe in a little thing called the Ten Commandments.

Atheist don’t have a commandment for “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”  They have no such foundation for their belief that there is no God and thus have no system for valuing life.  If an atheists chooses not to kill, it’s more like a rudimentary guideline based on some baseless, postmodern values system that turns divine commands into vague suggestions of what does and doesn’t work.

Atheism ultimately falls back on the same utilitarian logic that gave us the purges under Stalin and Hitler.  It reduces a human being to a mere monkey or a soulless machine that can be killed if they become inconvenient (see Obama’s killings of American citizens with drones), experimented on if they need to perform Frankenstein experiments (look up Josef Mengele and then look up the videos of aborted babies being kept alive to harvest their brains recently exposed by Carly Fiorina… the similarities are uncanny!), and have the fruits of their labors stolen for the good of the welfare state (the cornerstone of all Nazi-socialist governments).

The fact is that this “appendage” called a soul is the foundation for all human dignity and freedom.  To deny the existence of the soul is to deny the existence of mankind as something other than an object.

Of course opposition to abortion is a religious position.  Clueless liberals need look no further than this simple truism and examine their own errors in judgment before they roll out the red carpet for the exploitation of human beings to satisfy the vampiric tendencies of atheist governments.


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