Update (Marshal’s Wife Posting)

Hello everyone, this is Marshal’s wife Jennifer posting on his behalf.

As many of you know, Marshal was involved in the perfectly legal protest against the communist Obama administration at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  He was among the last to leave the refuge.

I last spoke to him sixteen days ago, he was thinking about leaving but hadn’t left yet.  In the media reports only four protesters were named, and Marshal was not among them.  He is also not named among those who have been indicted.  However, I have not seen or heard anything from him.

It is my very real fear that my husband may be held in a secret government prison or, worse still, may have been killed in secret by the FBI.  Given the sweeping powers that the Obama administration has given our government, it is entirely possible that my husband was murdered by the FBI and that we will never know anything about it.

My fears are made stronger by the fact that I have spoken to the families of several other protesters who have simply vanished in the last 16 days, most of them either on their way home or talking about going home.

I have counted seven people missing, all of them from families that are receiving no help whatsoever from the police who claim that these people were never at the refuge.  Their names are:

Grayson Ford, age 19, Kingman, AZ

Dexter Lincoln, age 56, Barstow, CA

Amber Longsmith, age 26, Tonopah, NV

Gary Rice, age 42, Butte, MT

Allen Stone, age 31, Tonopah, NV

James Waltham III, age 39, Little Rock, AR

Marshal Williams, age 29, Summerville, SC

Please, if anyone is reading this, spread the word!!!  Tell everyone the truth that our communist media isn’t telling them, that real patriots and other people that the state considers “inconvenient” are vanishing without a trace!  Our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters are being murdered or imprisoned without trial!


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