The Truth Behind The “Peaceful Protest” In Ankara

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story on the leftist media by now.  80 or 90 people killed by bombs at a “peace rally” in Turkey.  Tragic loss of life, etc.

Um, no.

The truth is, those killed at the rally were not “peaceful protesters.”  They were hard-line Marxists… you know, terrorists.  They were members of a government worker’s union and if you look at the video, you can clearly see on one of the banners that eternal symbol of hate, the hammer and sickle!

This is like someone setting off a bomb at the 1936 Nuremburg rally, people.  These Marxists don’t want peace, they want war on everything that is good and decent in this world and they got what was coming to them.

Sic semper tyrranis.


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